Scorecard Generator

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How it works

Enter a box score URL from Baseball Reference for any regular season or postseason game. Example box score.

Note: the game cannot be from an active season (planning to fix).

Select the home or away team to populate your scorecard.

A PDF will be generated with the starting lineup for that game. It might take up to 20 seconds to generate.

Bench players will be other players who played on your team during that season.

Batting stats are based on the player's stats for that season. If a player had fewer than 50 plate appearances that year, it will use his career stats (e.g. AL pitchers).

Player traits are left for you to specify.

Deadball is a dice game created by W.M. Akers. Special thanks to WMA for creating this game and allowing me to use the scorecard templates he designed.

This tool was built by Ian Forrest. Follow me on Twitter @ianforr. If you find a bug, let me know. Enjoy!